The Framework

The Divergent Business framework consists of seven elements that transform organizations into successful, iconic, forward-moving, thriving, and innovative companies who engage the customer, build brand ambassadorship, and provide high-quality and sought-after products, services, and solutions. The framework addresses, aligns, and implements solutions for the business elements of:

Business Core & Envisioning a Future

When combined with a blueprint and action plans, a company with a strong identity and vision will drive towards an exceptional future. Purpose is critical to action as it evokes a culture of high performance, unification, and accomplishment. 

Organizational Structure & Leadership

Structure is the way a business organizes its relationships between functions, areas, departments, and people. Assigning leaders who communicate goals and then empower and engage the workforce will inspire a passion that transcends their team to impact an entire corporation. 

Customers, Products/Services, & Creative Innovation

Companies who are creatively innovating, revolutionize, transform, and impact the marketplace. Top-notch products and services engage the customer, generate brand ambassadors, loyalty, and retention. Innovative products deliver a customer experience that builds an image and reputation for an iconic corporation.

Empowering Personnel & Building Effective Teams

Personnel who believe in a company’s vision are empowered and purposed to accomplish greatness. A culture that fosters a spirit of unity, collaboration, and communication will build effective teams who produce results.

Translating Strategy into Execution

Strategy is the company’s roadmap to achieve its goals, realize its purpose, and become a success. A well-executed strategy will deliver results and turn dreams into reality. Focusing on the right initiatives and designing powerful tactical plans will transform the entire organization and propel the business forward.

Operations & Processes

Operations are the core of what the company does. They consist of processes, systems, policies, and procedures. Focusing on the critical factors of efficiency, productivity, and performance will create a stronger and sustainable organization.

Governance Systems, Alignment, & Progressing Forward

Any misalignment in the business can cause disruption or impede forward progress. Ensuring alignment throughout the organization and implementing a system of ongoing governance that propels the company forward is imperative for ongoing success.

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