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Business TeamWe recognize that companies are comprised of many functions and departments as well as people of all levels from standard personnel to executives. As such, our contributors are experts in their field and respective industry. They are from all levels of leadership including management, director-level, VP’s, and C-suite. Their fields of expertise encompass departments and functions such as Strategy, Operations, Marketing, Sales, Compliance, Risk, Vendor Management, Human Resources, Public Relations, Information Technology, Information Security, etc. Their roles are everything from Chief Strategy Officer, Project Coordinator, Director of Technology, Information Security Officer, Branding Strategist, Sales Representative, and more. They can be found in the arenas of strategy, tactics, and operations.

Companies are made up of all shapes and sizes, employ people to perform a wide range of duties, and support clients in many types of industries. Our goal with our contributors is to form a diverse team of experts at all levels and in many fields and industries. We find that this allows us to be more effective at producing content, tools, and resources as well as provide advice that is universal and better impacts organizations.

Our founder, Brent Neal, has a passion to transform organizations and so his belief is that Divergent Business should have a diverse team to make the greatest impact. To read more about our founder, please click here.

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