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Brent Neal is the founder of Divergent Business and its leading contributor. He is a strategist, business architect, and innovator who enjoys designing strategies and solutions that drive companies to realize their potential. His passion is working within the transformation “process” by assisting leaders in aligning the organization with the company’s purpose and vision, establishing direction, building effective teams, and implementing strategies and initiatives which allow the business to grow and thrive, transforming them into a “game-changer” in their industry.

Throughout his 20 years of experience, he has transformed numerous organizations into successful, iconic, forward-moving, and innovative companies who engage the customer, build superior brands, and provide high-quality and sought-after products, services, and solutions. These companies have been in many different industries, but there is always one constant, his use of the Divergent Business framework and his disruptive innovation talents in creating new and valuable markets. Brent’s roles within companies focus entirely on strategy, idea generation, creative innovation, transformation, planning, and execution. He has an entrepreneurial mindset who is drawn to opportunities, conceptual ideas, and big dreams where he turns them into reality. He acts as a catalyst for change within an organization, where he embodies a “we must” mantra, one of purpose and determination, driving the company to achieve goals, attain greater levels of success, and reach new heights.

He has led multiple companies including a premier business coaching/consulting and information technology firm. As a business coach and consultant, Brent has shaped and advised small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike. In the high-tech world, he was a pioneer for emerging technologies as Technology as a Service (TaaS), Software as a Service, cloud computing, and virtualized data centers, many years before they became an industry norm.

His purpose in forming Divergent Business was to make known his strategies, business concepts, and philosophical approach that he has used to transform companies throughout his career. Brent’s approach and techniques deliver business growth, increased revenue, better collaboration and communication, enhanced organizational alignment, and improved innovation and performance. The goal is to build highly-purposed, unified, and effective organizations that are aligned in every aspect of their foundation, function, structure, leadership, personnel, processes, and products/services so that they positively influence their world.

Brent is available for employment and coaching opportunities, contact us for more information or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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