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Tools and ResourcesOur approach is to provide the right tools, resources, and guidance to empower people and businesses for success. The methods and techniques we employ are centered on creating a highly-purposed organization, ensuring alignment at all levels of the company, designing the proper strategies and initiatives, instituting an action-oriented execution framework, launching tangible plans that achieve goals, establishing great leadership, building effective teams, implementing practical yet efficient processes and systems, impacting the marketplace, and transforming the business.

The Divergent Business framework utilizes proprietary processes while adhering to standards, industry best practices, common methodologies, and well-known business models. Therefore, our approach is adaptable to each specific company’s unique mission, policies, procedures, processes, systems, and operations. We understand the uniqueness of each company and how they conduct business. One company might use the process method of Six Sigma while another uses Lean, or one company might be Agile or Kanban and another organization might use another alternative. One organization might employ a Strategic Execution Framework of Value Disciplines while another uses Balanced Scorecard. Regardless of the system, framework, process, management, or leadership style, Divergent Business’s approach properly aligns, builds, transforms, and delivers success.

How is this possible? Because our system focuses on four keys within its framework.

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