Four Keys to the Framework

There are four keys to the Divergent Business framework: Purpose, People, Possibilities, and Performance. These concepts are at the core of every element of our framework because they are essential to building highly-effective organizations.


PurposePurpose aligns the entire organization from the leadership to the personnel to the products and services it provides. Every aspect of the company becomes unified creating determination that drives the business in a single direction. The techniques and resources within Divergent Business were designed to ensure continuity across the entire enterprise propelling the organization forward.


PeoplePeople are the life-blood of a company. They are the greatest asset in which companies invest to accomplish everything they envision. Personnel must be properly equipped and enabled to thrive. People-focused initiatives are required to properly empower and engage the workforce. Our methods establish effective communication, collaboration, and unity that magnify the success of a company’s endeavors.


PossibilitiesPossibilities are endless with a strategic and driven company. Possibilities are everything from ideas, goals, vision, and future realities. The Divergent Business framework not only creates a culture of creative innovation but converts notion and concepts into actionable plans. Clearly defined strategies and plans create a roadmap for people to follow with a unified purpose.


PerformancePerformance encompasses every component of the business from the processes to the people to the end-product. Efficient and effective performance creates a transformative and determined organization. It causes the customer to buy products and be excited about the company’s brand, encouraging brand ambassadorship, and an iconic company. The Divergent Business philosophy focuses on transforming companies to make an impact on the marketplace.

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The Focus

Focusing on Purpose, People, Possibilities, and Performance will turn any team, department, or company into a success. That is why the Divergent Business approach concentrates on these 4 key areas within its framework.

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