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What is Divergent Business?

Divergent Business is a powerful philosophical business approach, consulting program, and coaching system founded by Brent Neal that transforms companies into highly-purposed, unified, strategic, and effective organizations. Through our system, these corporations become aligned at the core of their foundation and function, which creates alignment, transformation, and unity on every level. Divergent Business is centered around the four principles of Purpose, People, Possibilities, and Performance. These concepts are at the core of every element of our process because they are essential to building highly effective organizations.

Our purpose is to introduce methods and concepts that cause people to think different so that they become different, where the business thrives and becomes highly successful; enabling the company to be united in their pursuits, attain their goals, and reach new heights.

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What can Divergent Business do for me?

The Divergent.Business website provides blog articles, tools, and other resources for members and non-members to aid in business improvement. Members work directly with our Business Coaches and Consultants and have access to restricted areas which includes extensive tools, business-building exercises, and other specialized content to radically transforms companies into thriving businesses.

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