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A Powerful Framework for Transformation and Success

What is Divergent Business?

Divergent Business is a powerful business framework, philosophical approach, and coaching system founded by Brent Neal that transforms companies into highly-purposed, strategic, unified, and effective organizations.

Through the system, your team, department, or company becomes aligned from its foundation to its function, delivering an organization who is:

  • Forward-moving, purposed in its pursuits to reach new heights,
  • Looking ahead, goal-driven with an effective strategy and execution plan,
  • Inspired with a unified culture of organized, motivated, and empowered personnel,
  • Innovative and sought-after for its quality products, services, and solutions,
  • Engaging customers, offering an experience that evokes loyalty, satisfaction, and retention,
  • Building brand awareness and ambassadorship,
  • Iconic with an impressive reputation and image, and
  • Expanding territory, increasing revenue, and thriving.

How do we do this?

Our purpose is to positively influence teams, departments, and companies, producing a unified organization who impacts the marketplace and aspire to greatness. We achieve this through a framework that addresses the key business elements of 1) establishing a strong foundational company with an envisioned future, 2) organizational structure and leadership, 3) customer engagement and top-notch products/services, 4) empowering personnel and building effective teams, 5) executing strategy and developing tactical plans, 6) optimizing business processes, and 7) ensuring alignment throughout the organization and implementing a system of ongoing governance that propels the company forward.

Our approach is to provide tools, resources, and coaching programs that aid teams, departments, and companies. Our website provides free and paid resources including blogs, instructional articles, and exercises that layout the blueprints for transformation and success. However, we understand that some companies need the expertise and advice of coaches and consultants to catapult them into their future. This is where our coaching programs can impact your organization. If you need personalized attention, consultation, or advice, please contact us for more information.

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What can Divergent Business do for me?

The Divergent.Business website provides free and paid resources including blogs, instructional articles, and exercises. We also provide business coaching and consulting services which can radically transform your organization.

You can have great results and success – let us show you the way

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